Category: Predictive Analytics

HeartBEiT: The AI Breakthrough That Transforms ECG Analysis into Language

Mount Sinai researchers have developed HeartBEiT, an AI model that interprets electrocardiograms (ECGs) as language, revolutionizing ECG analysis. With superior performance and “explainability,” HeartBEiT enhances diagnostic accuracy for cardiac conditions and offers insights into heart health. Discover the transformative potential of this groundbreaking innovation in the field of medical technology.

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The Link Between Neonatal Depression and Mortality in Critical Congenital Heart Disease: Insights from National Data

A new study using US national vital statistics data sheds light on the link between neonatal depression (low Apgar scores) and 1-year mortality in critical congenital heart disease (CCHD). The study identifies risk factors for neonatal depression and highlights the importance of using Apgar scores as a prognostic indicator in CCHD. These findings have implications for prenatal management and improving CCHD mortality rates.

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