Category: Treatment Innovations

Surgeon Performs World’s First Deep Venous Stent Thrombectomies Using Minimally Invasive Catheter

Dr. Steven Abramowitz at MedStar Washington Hospital Center has successfully performed the world’s first deep venous stent thrombectomies using an innovative minimally invasive catheter. The thrombectomy catheter, known as the “stent cleaner,” has shown exceptional procedural success rates, improving symptoms and offering a promising treatment option for patients with deep venous stent thrombosis.

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PGI Sets New Milestone with Successful ‘MitraClip’ Intervention for Leaking Mitral Valve

The Department of Cardiology at PGI, Chandigarh, achieves a remarkable milestone by performing a successful “MitraClip” intervention on an elderly patient with a leaking mitral heart valve. This minimally invasive procedure highlights PGI’s expertise and innovation in treating cardiac conditions, offering patients an alternative to high-risk surgical procedures.

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